Seeing the destruction and upheaval COVID has wrought on many throughout this pandemic, we were inspired to build a mental health web app that can help people through such a mentally, physically, and emotionally draining time. With the—for lack of a better term—dumpster fire of a year that was 2020, we hope to provide a reprieve and the proper mental health assistance in 2021 through our website.

What it does

Ambiance provides users the ability to talk about their emotions through a friend or by writing. For those who feel unproductive and stressed, Ambiance provides a built-in to-do list website for users to stay on track with their schedules. Users may also access the Pinterest website to explore different DIY activities or motivational quotes.

How we built it

Given the time strength and corona limitations, we were able to create Ambiance out of Repl.It and Figma. We wanted to be able to access a platform that would provide easy ability to edit on one hack at once. Repl.It was able to match all qualities, and most of our members were already familiar with using it. Ambiance was created through the design of our UI/Ux designer in Figma, and developed with our Front-End Developers through HTML/CSS and Javascript.

Challenges we ran into

Most of our members weren't familiar with coding websites, so learning how to properly use div tags, along with creating ways to hover over the words to change color, was especially a large challenge. Time was also a large challenge for us as we had so many ideas we wanted to implement, but didn't have the time strength to complete all.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

Overall, we are proud of the fact that we were able to demonstrate great teamwork skills to create a website that we didn't know was possible. There were many times throughout the night where we found ourselves to be too tired to work, but we pushed through and created an amazing website. There were many obstacles, such as the range sliders, which took a long time, but once we managed to figure out how to fix it, we were full of joy.

What we learned

Through the website developing process, we were able to hone our HTML/CSS skills. We learned to implement new templates into websites, and we took into practice the idea of looking up codes and processes to find certain aspects to embed into the website. We were able to learn more about Repl.It and Figma, and discovered how to demonstrate a wireframe’s user experience. In terms of social skills, we were able to learn more about patience as there were many times during the coding process when we found that our code didn’t work. We had to be very patient with each other and ourselves in order to create a website under a time limit.

What's next for Ambiance

Ambiance will continue to expand and provide more accessible materials to users for their mental health and livelihood ease. We expect to edit our web app more in order to perfect certain edits and aspects of the project that we were unable to approach due to time. In time, we expect to install a "quote of the day-daily affirmation", and emoji mood scale, and virtual group sessions, including morning meditations, lunch breaks, and evening positivity.

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