The problem your project solves

The coronavirus pandemic has forced widespread school closures around Europe. Almost 20 million students spend more time at home. Research shows that at least 30% of them feel lonely and sad, as their schools are closed and they couldn't meet her friends.


The solution you bring to the table (including technical details, architecture, tools used)

AmberFit is an AI-powered chatbot platform for schools and universities to help their students maintain healthy habits and stay physically and mentally fit during the crisis. AmberFit helps you to set goals, maintain healthy habits and get help if it’s needed. To keep the user’s retention, Amberfit sends morning challenges, and every evening collects daily activity data - water consumption, active minutes, sleep, and overall mood. Also, the user can get interesting facts and inspiring quotes via the Inspire Me button.

You can start using AmberFit in few seconds, as you can access it via Facebook Messenger or Telegram. There is no need to install a new app, create a new account, and remember another password.

On the organization dashboard, you can monitor overall indicators - community mood, activity, and SOS reports. If needed, you can have 1 -1 chat with a student.

Facebook Messenger bot:

Dashboard demo:

Telegram bot:

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What you have done during the weekend

During the hackathon, we validated our idea with multiple experts, mentors and provided end-user survey. We defined a more precise value proposition of our solution (focus from B2C product to B2B platform). We build advanced organisation dashboard, 1 - 1 chat module prototype and API for data exchange between data storage and chatbot engine.

We started AmberFit project three weeks ago during HackCrisis Latvia (HackForce) virtual hackathon in Latvia. Since then, we participated with AmberFit in several Hack Crisis hackathons (Netherlands, Denmark, Global Hack). Best achievement - semifinalist in Denmark.

The solution’s impact on the crisis

Selected technology enables scale (copy) Amberfit to many organisations in the short term. As end-user can access AmberFit via an existing communication channel (messengers) also learning/adoption period is short as we all know how to use chat apps.

In short - in the short term, we can help many students feel better.

The necessities in order to continue the project

Our international team (BE, UK, LV, RU) has more than three years of experience in chatbot building and more than 15 years in product and IT business development. At the moment, we have the following team members - Team lead/Business, BizDev, Full Stack Dev, Fron-End dev, Designer.

We have an action plan on how to improve AmberFit and offer it to the other customer segments.

For that, we are looking for investments and partners to move forward faster and smarter. Especially we are interested to cooperate with data scientists to develop Machine learning-based prediction algorithm to help the organisation management identify earlier trends and potential risks.

The value of your solution(s) after the crisis

Young people are our future. We believe that with AmberFit, we can help them stay fit and motivated not only during the crisis but every day. Amberfit could be used as a virtual buddy for first-year students during the onboarding process.

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