What is AmberDash?

AmberDash is an Android application that acts as a dashcam for your car. When an Amber Alert is received, the application scans license plates of nearby cars. If a matching license plate is encountered, the location is sent to a dashboard available to law enforcement and notified via Notivize.

How we built it

AmberDash was built in Android Studio. We used Google Cloud Vision API to detect and read license plates, and Google Location API to get the location of a sighting.

To store information on Amber Alerts and sightings, we used Firebase as our cloud storage solution. When a new Amber Alert is released on the Firebase database, all apps running AmberDash receive the license plate and begin scanning. If a license plate is spotted, it adds a sighting entry into Firebase, complete with location information.

To display this information to law enforcement, we developed a dashboard that allows law enforcement to get more information about any particular sighting. The dashboard was developed as a web app with a Flask backend.

We also sent email alerts for sightings using Notivize.

What’s Next

In the future, we would like to explore other methods of identifying vehicles, such as using the vehicle description provided in the Amber Alert. We would also like to upload a picture when a sighting occurs, so that it can be externally verified by police.

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