I wanted to help the operational guy at my company achieving in an easier way most of day-to-day operations surrounding the management of remote ambassadors on College campuses.

What it does

  • screen applications
  • recruit
    • manage contracts
    • electronic signature
    • queue for future recruitment
  • watch statistics
    • per campus
    • per ambassador
    • per state
  • automate fire/hire based on performances
  • fire encouragements emails or money bonuses based on performances
  • send physical material
  • pay ambassadors
  • give ability to ambassador to
    • follow there progression
    • add events/actions they did and see if there were any inflection to acquisition number

How I built it

It's a Rails app with a fair amount of Javascript and Boostrap to make the interface clean and usable

What's next for Ambassador System

Adding more features and make a Minimum Viable Product commercially.

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