Quick way to install 3rd party Ambari Services, independent of Ambari distro

What it does

Install Ambari Services hosted on GitHub, which may or may not be in a stack distribution. This aims to gather user-created ambari services, and map out the guthub urls as well as deployement steps such that they can be added on any ambari 2.X distro. Can also pass in a github url to a new Ambari Service and will attempt to create an install block based on current Ambari Installation

How I built it

Bash scripts interacting with Ambari API to generate install path for services

Challenges I ran into

Parsing github README to extract useful installation steps

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

Works for 1 github URL on HDP 2.2 and IOP 4.1!

What I learned

Many GitHub ambari services hosted, which may be a few releases behind current Stacks

What's next for Ambari Service Deployer

Better processing/AI of GitHub README to extract steps

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