I got inspired with the word AI that I always wants to build something which is helpful for our society for communication with different people who spoke different languages. sometime people can't understand the different languages, they took language dictionary with them every time while travelling which i think a very time consuming task to search through every word for correct translation. I thought why not build a translator bot which does our task for translating the text and help us providing the translated text is an easy way using Amazon AWS machine learning.

What it does

a custom Amazon Lex bot which take free text as input, submit it to Amazon Translate for translation, and then present the result to the user

How I built it

I built it with the help of AWS Machine Learning Blog Resources did step by step as taught by the Instructor

Challenges I ran into

Yes I faced many challenges in testing the Lambda Function getting key error not getting the correct response, I edited Lambda function code to fulfill my task

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

Now I am able to use the AWS console for building Machine Learning Services , and I am proud of that I built what I need to show you,

What I learned

I learned how to build bot using Amazon Lex and use CloudFront to deploy for demo testing the application. I learned how to test Lambda Function and fixing the error

What's next for Amazon Translator Bot

To reduce the cost of translation, I can use DynamoDB to store the requested translations

Built With

  • amazon-coudfront
  • amazon-lex
  • amazon-translate
  • iam
  • lambda
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