There are two sides to the app: County Employee Access and Administrator Access (for the Office of Sustainability only).

If you log in as a county employee, you can:

  1. Home page: allows you to view more popular items requested, and view inventory by department (electronics, furniture, etc.)
  2. Browse: view full inventory of surplus items, filter views by image or list. Filter the list by type of material, department. Select a product to view it's product detail page, where you can then choose to reserve the item
  3. County employees can upload items from their office, where submissions will them be reviewed by the Office of Sustainability before being uploaded. Once approved, the items are listed into the inventory.
  4. Sustainability Office employees log-in via the administrative login. Once logged in they have the ability to upload, edit/remove items from inventory list. They can also view inbox request forms and bids on items.

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