Submission Info

I have already invite gmail address on the Github (Amazon-Lex-Cozmo) and Slack Channel (Batman Incorporated).


I just wanted a way for people to control the Cozmo via chatbot.

What it does / How I built it

Slack <==> AWS Lex ==> AWS Lamda ==> AWS IoT ==> Cozmo

Challenges I ran into

This project is 90% complete. The remaining 10% is suppose to use Salesforce IoT Platform. I was planning to use this tutorial to make it work, but I wasn't able to get the license in time.

So, when the Cozmo failed to stack the block then it would generate a case in Salesforce and have IBM Watson recommend the best course of action.

What I learned

  • How AWS Framework works
  • MQTT Framework
  • Cozmo SDK

What's next for Amazon-Lex-Cozmo

Cleaning up the code so that anyone can use it.

Built With

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