My inspiration to create the Amazon Echo (ALEXA) VR Advertisement was because of the Amazon Sumerian and what it can do.

What it does

It is a product advertisement, in which we get some basic knowledge about Amazon echo like what it is and why we need echo and how it helps us in our day today life.

It also gives you some of the important features of Echo explained using simple demo videos. also you can walk around the room as you like.

How I built it

Using Amazon Sumerian

Challenges I ran into

Study Node.js, Amazon Cognito, Amazon Sumerian and deeper understanding of Assets, timeline, State Machine, Entity and how to create complex realities.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

I'm proud that I'm a fresher with no experience at all, i worked hard to understand the Sumerian console and create such a complex project. We can use these type of services anywhere , the possibilities are wast and its all our imagination that makes it more interesting.

What I learned

learned about the Amazon Sumerian and other important components and its use.

What's next for Amazon Echo Alexa VR Advertisement

Add more features and create a real Amazon Echo with the help fo coding so that it will respond like the real Echo in the virtual room.

Built With

  • amazon-cognito
  • amazon-sumerian
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