I am going to build a Chat bot on AWS Console using Machine Learning AWS Amazon Lex and Amazon Polly Service, using it I can use the chat bot into a sample web app from there I can interact with the Chat bot using text and voice feature. It’s an era of Artificial Intelligence, so I thought to build an AI Service Chat bot which can help human to by interacting with them and complete the task given by human. My main aim is to built quick and easy natural language conversational bot.

What it does

I built a coffee bot that order coffee and it's various flavor which you like for you using text/voice commands.

How I built it

I built using the following aws machine learning blog available

  • First, i'll create the Amazon Lex bot.
  • Then, i'll add some Lambda Functions to bring it to life.
  • Then, i'll put it all together with AWS Mobile Hub Console to make a Backend Resource- Then I Install Nodejs and AWS web SDK
  • Then, Create a Sample vuejs web app
  • Then, Integrate the custom IAM policies to role for postText and Speech Recognition using AWS Cognito and IAM Role.
  • Then Integrate the Bot Credentials into the App
  • Finally Run the Web App

Challenges I ran into

how to make a Lambda Function to bring bot to life? How to Setup aws mobile hub account ? While integrating the policies into IAM role I was not getting the idea how to introduce policies for my Web App to work, AWS documentation is not properly explained but I went through to resolve my errors and complete my bot to work.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

I am proud of after struggling with the challenges that i faced during development, I made a working coffee order bot which order coffee for you

What I learned

I learned how to use Amazon Lex, How to create and manage policies under IAM roles, how to create IAM, how to deploy model to aws mobile hub integration console

What's next for Amazon Coffee Order Bot

As It’s a small conversation by text, the bot needs to be improved so that it can be used for large conversation As my bot is ready to talk to the world, using Amazon Lex, it can integrate with Facebook, Slack and Twilio

Built With

  • amazon-lex
  • amazon-polly
  • iam
  • lambda
  • node.js
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