I've always wanted to learn and play around in Unity and I never got to until this hackathon.

What it does

Just a fun game to race around on a track.

How I built it


Challenges I ran into

Procrastinated and made in the morning day it was due. Weren't really sure on how to start exactly the night before as there were conflicts on what to make with other people. Eventually branched off and just had a personal mentor who taught me how to get through it.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

Actually tried to make something that turned out a lot better than before.

What I learned

I got to learn a few more basic foundation skills needed in order to create things in Unity, especially in the environment department.

What's next for Amazing-Racer

Since it was a final last minute solid idea, it still needs a functional car and track. I had way too much fun creating the environment.

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