Are you reminiscing the old days where you could go on vacation? Are you wishing there was a safe way to travel during COVID-19? Then Walkation is perfect for you!

Once you install walkation you can unlock your dream vacation spots by simply taking a walk in your neighborhood! (Don't forget to put on your mask.)


The air was filled with salt and warm sunlight. The waves were crashing against the sand causing a beautiful and relaxing sound. With flapping wings and squawking noises, seagulls were blazing the sky. Except they weren't. You were simply virtually enjoying your favorite vacation destination from a safe social distance through our Walkation app. The Walkation App is inspired by the Pokemon Go app where users are awarded pokemons for exercising. Unlike Pokemon Go , our app doesn't award users with Pokemons. Instead, users gain access to VR/AR tours of their dream destinations. Through these tours users get to explore and learn more about their dream destinations. When the tours are given on the VR platform users can even relax in their dream locations!

What it does

Walkation enables users to visit the world through an in-depth virtual travel experience. On the maps page, the user can search for a destination they wish to explore, and that destination will then appear on the map with a route plotted to it. In order to unlock that location, the user must walk a specified number of steps, which is equivalent to the distance to that location from the user's current location in kilometers (for example, 4,500 km becomes 4,500 steps). Upon completing their step goal, the user can access a page that provides detailed information about that location, including local recipes, photos, videos, and more. Thus, Walkation encourages users to remain active while enabling them to explore new places.

How we built it

Mobile App

Challenges we ran into

  • Working remotely was a burdensome challenge for us because we could not coordinate as well as if we were working together in person. To keep up to date, we needed to communicate and plan effectively via Discord and Google Docs.

  • Integrating the API's and working with the AR platform as we didn't have much experience with these tools. Online tutorials and articles helped a lot in this regard.

  • Since so many different individuals were working on the project simultaneously, it was a challenge to keep our app looking cohesive and concise. To maintain a consistent style, we made mocks up of our app utilizing Figma before we began coding. This enabled all of us to be on the same page. We were clear in our messaging to one another about what we were working on, so that we each had a different role.

Accomplishments that we are proud of

  • Overcoming the above challenges was our biggest accomplishment.
  • Utilizing the knowledge we gained from the workshops to create our application
  • Being able to work together and produce something despite our major time zone differences and limited time.
  • Being able to bring together all of our unique educational backgrounds to produce a product.
  • Learning that this is a novel idea that others have not created before.
  • Working together effectively even though most of us did not know each other prior to the hackathon .
  • Working with a new techstack and stepping out of our comfort zone.

What we learned

We learned how to use various APIs to enable our app's functionality, and how to work together with our different skill sets. In addition, we learned about many tools and libraries that can be used to make our app a reality, and make development easier.

What's next for Walkation

  • AR Filters that can be used upon unlocking a location
  • Integration of more information about an unlocked location, including recipes for that location's cuisine, restaurants that serve that location's food, and images and articles that allow the user to experience the location from the comfort of their home.
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