AmateurEye "An app that turns fishers, divers, swimmers and pilots into Amateur Ichthyologist"

Problem Statement 15-7:

Collecting data is critical, but tedious. The methods currently in use are antiquated and archaic.

The collection of streams of data to help document natural events and provide accurate accounts of daily activities are hard to attain without collaboration from local people that are knowledgeable. These locals can record data that would support research that would have otherwise would never have been known. Their contributions to this process is invaluable to the effort of documenting to the wild natural life. This documentation will enhance our ecosystem to aid in the sustaining a healthy planet. The benefit of their visual sightings being documented by humans will add to the wealth of information that is necessary to make better scientific assumptions and plans.

The AmateurEye App solves the problems that were identified in the problem statement 15-7 and went beyond the scope of the features requested.

Problem Statement 15-7:

The public does not carry pencils and data sheets with them when they move about, nor should they with today’s technology. The majority, however, do carry around smartphones. We would like to have an app for a mobile device that allows the user to:

FEATURES: (Integrated in the AmateurEye App)

1) take pictures of a resource they see; (ANSWER: Mobile Phone with Camera)

2) name the picture as either an estimate of school size, if the resource is schooling, an estimate of length, if for an individual, or the species name; (ANSWER: Take Video; if one has a hard time taking notes or do not know how to explain/communicate well, then they can just take video and photos)

3) automatically record GPS location as well as the date and time; (ANSWER: Smartphones & digital cameras embed/record the data automatically. Upload to Photo Repository such as Google Photos*, tumblr, email, etc.)

4) automatically record basic weather conditions such as weather patterns (e.g. clear, cloudy, wind speed, etc.; (ANSWER: Weather API, Map & Satellite API, etc.)

5) have this information uploaded to a retrievable location (ASNWER: CLoud based repository management system)

What's next for AmateurEye

Adding more features and integrating more APIs.

Cloud Based- storage, security, etc.

Off-line Sync

Enhance resolution & lighting

Better Audio Recording with Video


Streamline more data beautifully


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