At first we will make a google sheet where all the intent name and questions and answers related to that intent will be arranged. Here all the possible questions and their possible answers will be organized. We may call it as central data set. Its not necessary to use google sheet,but for security and accessibility purpose we will use google sheet.

From the data set, we have to distinguish all the intent and make a separate google sheet.. In that google sheet for every intent: 1.There will be only two-column. 2.No column name. 3.In column A -- all the questions of that intent 4.In column B -- all the answers of the corresponding question you want.

After organizing the google sheet, download the sheet as CSV format. Follow the steps in google sheet (file>Download>Comma-seperated values)

Then go to Dialogflow console. Go to your desired agenda. Go to Knowledge.

If it is not enabled, at first enable this. Click on the gear/setting icon just beside you agenda name. Then toggle the Enable beta features and API button.

Then go to Knowledge. Click on create knowledge Base. Give the name of the Knowledge base and save it.

Then create a knowledge document. Click on Create the first one. Then a pop-up window will have appeared.

**Give a name of the document(It’ll have appeared in the knowledge base) **select FAQ -- as knowledge type **select text/csv -- as Mime type **select Upload file from your computer and click on select File and upload that CSV file you have downloaded after organizing the google sheet. And click on create.

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