Travel Wire

Your connection to cheap flights and inspiration-based travel.


Amadeus app: HackTheJourney-travelwire


Many travel sites, such as skyscanner/priceline/google, have robust and existing ways of finding the cheapest flights from point A or to point B. Leveraging the Amadeus cheap flight API, Travelwire is a inspiration-travel web app that focuses on finding the cheapest flights that fit your time criteria with an unknown and potentially surprising destination.

Travelwire serves the population that wants to get away on a budget, or looking for ways to travel spontaneously

What it does

Travelwire uses the Amadeus personal flight search API to find discount flights that fit the travelers date and price max criteria.

How I built it

  • Use a combination of the airport search and cheap flight Amadeus API's
  • Added Javascript autocomplete for best recommended airport selections
  • React frontend, with localstorage for API auth state

Challenges I ran into

  • Implementing the Oauth state browser side for Amadeus API access

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

  • Interacted with travelwire's Oauth flow and successfully integrated their discount flight API into a single page app.
  • Simple deployment process. Live and testable!

What's next for Travelwire

  • Expand into
  • Implement booking via Amadeus enterprise API's
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