Amadeus SDK for PHP - Version 1

The Amadeus SDK for PHP makes it easy for developers to access [Amadeus Self-Service APIs] in their PHP code, and build travel applications using services like Air(Flight search and Inteliigence), Hotel(Hotel search and offers), Destination(Poinst of interest) etc. You can get started in minutes by [installing the SDK through Composer]or by downloading a single zip or phar file from our [latest release][latest-release].


  • [User Guide][docs-guide] – For both getting started and in-depth SDK usage information
  • [API Docs][docs-api] – For details about operations, parameters, and responses


  • Provides easy-to-use HTTP clients for all supported Amadeus [services] and authentication protocols.
  • Built on [Guzzle] and utilizes many of its features

Getting Started

  1. Sign up for Amadeus – Before you begin, you need to sign up for an Amadeus Developer Account and and set up your first application.
  2. Minimum requirements – To run the SDK, your system will need to meet the [minimum requirements][docs-requirements], including having PHP >= 5.5. We highly recommend having it compiled with the cURL extension and cURL 7.16.2+ compiled with a TLS backend (e.g., NSS or OpenSSL).
  3. Install the SDK – Using [Composer] is the recommended way to install the Amadeus SDK for PHP. in the base directory of your project to add the SDK as a dependency: composer require amadeus/amadeus-sdk-php Please see the [Installation section of the User Guide][docs-installation] for more detailed information about installing the SDK through Composer and other means.

Quick Examples

Create an Amadeus Hotel client

// Require the Composer autoloader.
require 'vendor/autoload.php';

use Amadeus\Hotel\HotelClient;

// Instantiate an Amadeus Hotel client.
$amadeus = new HotelClient(<client_id>,<client_secret>); 

$hotels = $amadeus->hotelOffer([
            'cityCode'        => 'LON'

Create an Amadeus Flight client

// Require the Composer autoloader.
require 'vendor/autoload.php';

use Amadeus\Air\AirClient;

// Instantiate an Amadeus Air client.
$amadeus = new AirClient(<client_id>,<client_secret>); 

$hotels = $amadeus->lowFares([
            'origin'        => 'MAD',
            'destination => 'PAR'
            'departureDate'=> '2019-08-01'
            'returnDate' => '2019-08-10'

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Built With

  • composer
  • guzzle
  • php
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