During Lock Down/ Curfew in the city due to Covid-19 situation, businesses are facing troubles in handling large volume of customers at the same limited opening times, customers are to rush in and buy things with out of plans and above all the safety of the people get threat of getting infections.

Amaan is an digital permit app, which smartly enables

-- businesses to sell -- customers to purchase, and
-- govt administration to control

during lock down time to avoid congestion and recession due to COVID-19 situation in the city.

What it does

-- Business can request permit to open their shops (initially groceries, pharmacies and later own other businesses can be added) during lock down time

-- Customer can request permit to be issued for their need of groceries, pharmacies, hospital and emergencies (police/fire brigade etc)

-- App will automatically generates a QR enabled digital permit specifying the least busy and nearest destination for given time duration

-- Govt can cancel the individual and all area permits in case of any quick emergency, and app will divert the and reschedule the booking time and location based on the safer areas in the city.

How we built it

Currently this idea is in design and prototyping stage

Challenges we ran into

Thinking about different scenarios and use cases available while crafting a solution

Accomplishments that we're proud of

Devise a solution which can be transform into a smart city app in future.

What we learned

Quick brainstorming.

What's next for Amaan

-- Development -- Launch -- Collect Feedback from the stake holders --Repeat

Built With

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