Team Members

  • 530 - Low Heok Hong
  • 535 - Yang Hui Ting
  • 517 - Jolyn Tan
  • 571 - Liu Wanrui

Prizes to contest in

  • Most Entertaining Hack
  • Most Beautiful Hack
  • Most Annoying Hack


Gamers should not be introverts!

What it does

Pingu Chingu aims to build (or break) friendships via an adorable platform game, where you control the avatar of your partner. Only through expert communication skills and insane reflexes will you be able to clear this seemingly harmless game and survive the test of friendship.

How I built it

GameMaker Studio 2

Challenges I ran into

None of us are familiar with game development. The game is too difficult for us.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

Building a game from scratch (and the graphics) Clearing 10% of the game.

What I learned

Building a game was not as hard as expected - it can be done through excessive Googling :D

What's next for AM - Pingu Chingu

Four-player Pingu Chingu :----)

Built With

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