The inspiration comes from a person who live next to my house whom I used to visit everyday and he was like my grandfather. He was diagnosed with Alzheimer and couldn't remember anyone even his son and daughter but I used to visit him often and sometimes he used to suddenly remember me. He used to forget to take medicines on time so I bought a voice recorder for him in summer and recorded all the instructions for him and everyday used to remind him to just play it if he cannot remember something. He was the inspiration for my app and I want to help many others like him. It not only helps the patient but also tries to maintain his dignity as many of the tasks which patient has to perform are stored in app as predefined actions. Thus instead of giving instructions to patient daily, the caretaker has ton record them only once.

What it does

This app is designed to help the people suffering from Alzheimer. It uses speech recognition and finds about the things patient cannot remember and gives him directions. It then provides patient easy to understand instructions.

How I built it

I built it on Android Platform.

Challenges I ran into

I had trouble in managing time to finish entire project on time and had some bugs while coding related to use of API which the MICROSOFT mentors helped clear.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

I am proud that I was able to finish such a vast project as well as learn new things.

What I learned

I learnt about Bing cognitive API's like Bing Speech, Microsoft Azure, LUIS API.

What's next for Alzobot

I aim to bring about some changes with UI, some advanced features like recording and playing instructions, schedule an alarm at which automatically person will be notified, watch based app.

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