- One of our team member's relatives has Alzheimer's Disease
- Noticed firsthand the effects it had on his family
- Inspired to create a high-tech solution to problems we saw firsthand that had no efficient solution yet

What it does

- A customized quiz and uploaded brain scan analyzed by a neural network to determine a patient's Index
- Allows family members to track the progression of condition over time with logins for users and Chart.JS graphs
- Allows caretaker to set personalized profile options for things a patient should remember

How we built it

- Written in HTML/CSS/JS, Python
- Written in Visual Studio Code
- Utilized Travis for continuous deployment and autonomous configuration
- Divide and Conquer - Frontend, Backend, Artificial Intelligence
- Git, VSCode Live Share, and Discord

Challenges we ran into

- Git collisions - committing changes to the same lines at the same time
- Travis CI Deployment - many builds failing because of improper setup
- Artificial Intelligence - PC was very slow at most times as it couldn’t handle too much data
- Git large file storage - trouble loading AI model onto Docker build

Accomplishments that we're proud of

- First time using firebase for hosting, database, and authentication
- First time making a fully functional login system with google authentication
- First time using Travis CI/CD
- First time creating forms and quizzes using Flask and Javascript
- AI is accurate and works very smoothly
- Lots of backend and Javascript to process website

What we learned

- How to create a fully functional login system with google authentication
- How to use firebase for hosting, database, and authentication
- How to handle POST/GET requests with Flask
- How to create forms and quizzes using Flask and Javascript
- How to use Bootstrap to style a webpage

What's next for AlzheimersAI

- Expand to other platforms and methods of use - mobile App, Amazon Alexa, Google Home, and other IoT devices or even our own hardware
- Optimize AI to be faster and more accurate - dynamic training from user data and get better graphics card/computers
- Make more personalized quiz questions
- Get feedback from Alzheimer Experts - optimize quiz questions based on feedback
- Make the website more secure with patients health information
- Get HIPAA Certification

Contact Us

- Gravity#6127
- paradox#5683
- Rohan Juneja#7063
- Whiz#9087

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