Successful Alzheimer’s treatments usually revolve around drugs/medication, but there are other therapies that work and trigger memory responses. Two such popular treatments are art therapy and music therapy.

Art therapy: • Include old photographs and have therapists ask their patients to write stories on what they think is happening in the picture.

Music therapy: • Play music that the patient enjoyed in ages 18-25. • Use music to encourage behavior: upbeat tempo can encourage patients that are feeling down to do daily activities like shower, eat, etc. • Calm music can be soothing and help with sleep, etc.


Reminiscence is an app meant for use with the guidance of a therapist. Family members and friends can upload old photographs or pictures of cherished items to a "therapy Facebook account" for the patient. This account is used to sign in to the app and give the therapist access to these pictures. From the therapist end, new patient information can be added and notes can be added about the progress of each patient. Family/friends can see these notes but not edit them. To facilitate music therapy, the therapist goes to our music player to play music from the server.

How We Built It

Our Android app interfaces with an API built using Node.js. The patient database is built using MongoDB and Mongoose. The music player uses JavaScript and runs on our Node server.

What's Next

Ideally, our service would provide more fully integrated support for music therapy, such as in-app access to a wider variety of songs. Additionally, we would provide the ability to edit the patient's schedule through the app itself, as currently we only display their schedule.

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