Elderly are the ones that are the most vulnerable persons to diseases as their immune system gets weaker, and start to lose some of their natural abilities; for example their stamina decreases, vision loses accuracy, and for our particular case we are focusing on the memory. Alzeihmer is a chronic neurodegenerative disease that affects directly the brain consequently it results in a loss of memories.

What it does

This program endeavours to detect this disease. By asking a set of questions, we can tell if the patient is actually affected.

How I built it

We have used the Microsoft Azure Machine Learning Studio to build it, by uploading a file containing data of recent patients and their answers to the questions we've formulated.

Challenges I ran into

Understand how to effectively use Microsoft Azure Machine Learning Studio(MAML). Use the correct the format while using Excel, in order to be correctly compiled by MAML.

What I learned

Manipulate the software (MAML).

What's next for Alzeihmer Test

Use hardware devices to bring some accuracy to the program, by using a micro controller called Arduino. We will need EGG to observe the activity of the brain.

Built With

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