15 million American's have Alzheimer's disease. Our Android app is a personalized assistant for these individuals, allowing them to maintain their memory in the short and long-term with additional features for safety.

We understand that Alzheimer's patients experience personal frustration when they fail to recognize loved ones. We used Azure's Face API to help with this. To increase safety, we used the Google Map API with pre-set home location, with one click, they will be shown the way home.

Update: As of April 2020, Alz has been completely re-written from Java to Dart to support both Android and iOs devices. Our backend is now hosted on Heroku and connected to Azure. We've come a long way from not knowing any app development at the time of this project, what an adventure!

Our Tech. Stack:

Our front-end is completely built in Flutter, which is a Dart framework for building cross-platform mobile apps. Our backend is completely asynchronous, written in python with the aiohttp REST framework, and utilizes the Azure face API for facial identification - completely hosted on Heroku Cloud!

Our immediate aim going forward is to publish our app on the Google Play Store, while our long-term vision is to decrease the latency for a user-response to less than 3 seconds and integrate our app with other apps on a phone (such as the contacts).

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