Our inspiration came from the current system of home health care and the difficulties that traveling health care providers face in their daily tasks. The mobile app provides caregivers with an easy to use system to track and mark off completed tasks pertaining to certain patient's needs. Patient's information will be stored on the blockchain's ledger and can be accessed through the mobile app. The app will connect to the network and then when a certain patient is selected their info is pulled from the ledger and displayed to the caregiver via the app.

How we built it

Android Studio, Hyper Ledger Fabric

Challenges we ran into

Connection between mobile and blockchain Possible Offchain storage solutions

Accomplishments that we're proud of

Our use case and model that we are developing for The blockchain experience gained during the time

What we learned

Team Management, Team Direction, Hyperledger specifics

What's next for AlwaysCaring

We plan on looking forward into solidifying the build in AlwaysCaring and then possibly finding market validation.

Built With

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