The Always Be Closing mobile application applies to sales one of the major business innovations over recent years: collecting information at nodes using mobile devises and then centrally processing data to achieve a more optimal allocation of resources (e.g. Uber). In this way, the app connects companies and freelance salespeople across the globe to attain greater sales performance.

A salesperson using our application will have access to a constant supply of leads, with the opportunity to sell a variety of goods and services. A company wishing to sell its products can now distribute its leads, or the leads they purchase via our integration with, amongst a vast pool of the best freelance salespeople.

What makes ABC stand out is our focus on automation and optimization. Each salesperson has an ‘ABC Score’ that updates in real time, using Bayesian Inference, based on each and every sale made or missed. With this score, and information on the sales history for a company, we’ve cross-applied mathematical techniques from the world of sports bookmaking, to generate a probability that a salesperson will close a given lead.

This probability estimate opens up a world of opportunities. The commission rate offered to a salesperson can now take into account their quality, with more established salespeople being offered higher rates of commission.

From a company’s perspective this means their sales process can be highly automated, with their leads distributed to maximize their expected return.

To top it off, ABC has vast potential for integration with

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