we were inspired by our personal struggles. Problem consisting with being unable to ask questions during class, due to fear of what others might think. Also we were driven by how many people related to our issue.

What it does

Our solution gives students the opportunity to ask any questions they may have anonymously during class. The student is able to type in a command box, and their message will be sent directly to the professor in a matter of seconds.

How we built it

We used visual studio to import Twilio classes to our program. This program then uses a Webhook to obtain an input string from the programs command box.

Challenges we ran into

During our time in the 36 hour period, we changed paths many times and came across multiple setbacks. Some setbacks includes: XCode Malfunctions, hardware debate, web development troubles, changing from app to Integrated Development Environment(IDE) and, deciding which competitions we should compete for.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We are proud of our final product, no matter what hardships we had to overcome. We are glad to have our project completed.

What we learned

A few things that we learned along the way consisted of: -web development -server development -Multiple Languages(c#, python, advancements in java) -github -twilio

What's next for Always Available

We plan on broadening our knowledge in Computer Science so we can improve an app we fell in love with 'Always Available'.

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