No need for an inspiration, because this skill/app IS the inspiration.

What it does

When you are just not feeling it, or cannot get yourself moving, this skill reaches into your deep self and pulls out one of 51 inspirational quotes to get you going. just "ask myself" and you'll find yourself doing new things!

How we built it

We used AWS lambda, node.js, and amazon developer console to build the skill. With all the publications done, it is already on the market.

Challenges we ran into

Difficulty matching the coding format for lambda. The actual code and the hardware would not sync, nor read-in correctly.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

That the skill works perfectly and provides the user with an awesome quote to get you started.

What we learned

Lambda has a very unclear requirement which is VERY complicated.

What's next for Always ask yourself

Adding an alarm with motion sensing functionality and bug you with a louder voice each you don't get out of bed and make that move.

Built With

  • amazon-developer-console
  • aws-lambda
  • node.js
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