We are always seeing piles of garbage on the streets. But where does it go? To the landfills? People don’t sell or give away, they just trash the furniture and toys (often in a good condition) that can be happily used. There are so many people in need in New York and not only. So it's our opportunity to create an app that invite people to donate and clean space in the community.

What it does

.Altruist is the app inviting open-minded kind people ready to clean their space and donate their stuff to the others while also supporting a trusted charity in an easy trusted way.

How we built it

we started the project by creating a SWOT analysis of the strength and weaknesses of our app, as well as the opportunities we have in the market against the competitors, then a persona of our users and the pain points they are facing. According to research findings and analysis, we came up with the problems we want to solve, we have distilled our insight into a HMW question, that is: "How might we encourage a zero-waste lifestyle so that people feel good giving away their goods, not throwing them away and not polluting the planet." Then we start doing the wireframing and prototyping of the app design. We used Figma to design and build the interface and transferred it into HTML, CSS, and Javascript for the functionality to bring the design to live.

Challenges we ran into

The Designer challenges: First time working in a collaboration with the developers Not always easy to communicate the idea to the developers Time constraints

The Developers’ Challenges: First time working in a collaboration with the designers Deciding on a platform to construct the program. Troubleshooting the program in real-time. Figuring how to blend all the components together.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We built a clickable prototype in a team of people we just met We managed to complete most of the complete UX flow in a very short amount of time We managed to complete our goal of problem-solving and come up with a solution that could be used in the real world

What we learned

We learned how to work collaboratively with a diverse team. Learn the new platforms: Figma, Bubble, transfer file between platforms How to interact where both developers worked in one platform to build a prototype.

What's next for Altruist the app

Build a community of eco-conscious people Partner and connect the app to the charity to create smooth 1- 3 clicks donation transactions Ad zero-waste tips popping up in a form of a bubble when someone opens an app. It will help to live eco-conscious lifestyle and visit an app just an extra time. Design the bidding process pages/screens Design the interaction/messaging/communication process of the participants

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