Altruist A person who cares about others and helps them despite not gaining anything by doing this.

Apk Download Link and credentials
You can use these demo accounts to try the app

  1. email:
    password: 123456
  2. email:
    password: dummyacc


Our inspiration came from the fact that all the first responders [firefighters, policemen, doctors and paramedics, etc] always risk their lives and often experience and see things that are very disturbing for a normal human. So, their well-being is really important, and it's our responsibility to ensure their mental and physical well-being.

What it does

It's a flutter mobile application.
A user can either login/signup. For first responders, there's going to be a lot of features, including-
• Assess themselves with a small questionnaire about their current state
• Access resources that might be helpful for them
• Encouragement quotes related to their profession
• Games and Exercises to reduce stress
• A chatbot [Bella the bunny chatbot] that'll talk to them and make them feel good
The resources page is reached through webview and is originally hosted on linode

How we built it

The application is majorly built on Flutter framework using code editors like VS-Code and Android-Studio.
For backend and authentication, Firebase services like Firestore and Firebase Auth are used.
For hosting the resources page, we've used Linode hosting services
The designs for logo and launcher icon are made on Canva.
The demo video is edited on PowerDirector.

Challenges we ran into

Putting everything together in 2 days was a big challenge. Also, coding the chatbot, and to let her respond to the messages accordingly was tough for us as well, but we somehow figured that out.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We're totally proud of our project, and how it has the potential to help the People that are constantly working for us, risking their lives. Also, we're proud that somehow we were able to complete the project within the time constraint.

What's next for Altruist

Well we were thinking that we can contact municipalities or maybe local governments to implement this app on a smaller scale, and then we can expand based on the feedback. Let's see how that goes.

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