Do a good deed everyday

What it does

Altruist Club is a platform where members can post and fulfill requests to other fellow members nearby. These requests involve those of all kinds, from renting ladders, to help painting a house. We hope to help foster stronger communities with this platform.

How we built it

We chose to use Alexa due to its simplitic implementation and widespread use that makes it easily distributed among our target population.

Challenges we ran into

It was a difficult process connecting the website, database, & Alexa platform together into a seamless integration. At the same time, there were a lot of moving parts that were not easy to debug.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

It works with full functionality within 8 hours. The app makes it feel as if we were communicating with another human being.

What we learned

Unit testing is essential, done is better than perfect, and incremental development is more practical than setting a large goal and not completing anything.

What's next for

Code is open source. Real world testing and getting feedback directly from potential users is the next step. Exploring additional applications including use with the elderly and commercial applications in the workplace.

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