Serve more people by helping them in all possible means


To help people in need of help with people willing to help

What it does

The primary purpose of the app is to serve for a social cause i.e., it connects Donors with recipients and fulfill recipient needs especially during natural disasters

How we built it

We used android-sdk to take in donor information and store it in database using rest endpoints developed in Node. When a person seeking some kind of help(examples: seeking food, seeking shelter during floods, in need of blood etc), he checks in the app with his needs. We used Google location service(FCM) to show the list of nearest donors to the recipient.

Challenges we ran into

Using Google FCM Integrating android application with REST endpoints

Accomplishments that we're proud of

consistent effort Teamwork using various technologies like AWS, Node, Android, FCM Data Modelling for SQL

What we learned

being together as a team adapting to dynamic working conditions new technologies like Android and FCM

What's next for Altruist

The app itself has endless possibilities. Although its currently developed to connect individual donors with individual recipients, it can bring in various NGO's and charities into it's circle. Our ultimate vision is to serve more people by helping them in all possible means. The other side of the coin is to prevent the fraudulent use of the service which itself is a ocean.

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