Volunteering supports the community and makes individuals happier. So why is it complicated?

What if finding your next mission was as easy as three clicks? And what if you could organize with your friends to support the same cause?

That’s where Altruist comes in.

Altruist is an iOS app that makes finding your next cause as easy as naming an interest. It automatically connects you with friends who are supporting the same cause, and enables you to interact using the Moxtra API.

With hundreds of up-to-date opportunities across more than twenty categories, Altruist makes volunteering as natural as any hobby.

Altruist improves things for non-profits too. They can host signup and orientation materials online, ensuring volunteers arrive ready to help.

Through better connectivity and ease of use, and with the promise of stronger friendships, communities can become more collaborative—with a higher quality of life for all.

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