AltruiCity is a social volunteering iPhone app that allows users to see information about others attending an event, and to share information about their volunteering through Facebook, Foursquare, or Twitter. AltruiCity aims to make volunteering more spontaneous by allowing users to see events happening nearby and to join them on the spot.

Organizations and users can create volunteer opportunities in real time. AltruiCity then generates a Facebook event, and allows the creator to upload photos and to invite volunteers. If the organizer wants to revitalize a park or help at a school, they can select their planned location from a searchable list of parks and schools, or they can enter a unique location.

Events are displayed on a Google Map centered around the iPhone's current location. However, the user can also see them as a list of event titles under the "join" function or see the nearest events in the "monocle" view. This option allows the user to point her phone in any direction and see nearby event titles and distances superimposed on a camera view of her surroundings. The user can also search events by keyword or filter to display only the events she is interested it. The filter option narrows the map view to events that are a selected distance away, that fit in a particular volunteer category, that are at different intervals in the future, or that feature a particular age group or demographic of volunteers.

Users can sign up for an activity by joining the Facebook event, or by emailing or calling the organizer. Once at an event, volunteers can "promote" the event through social media, by uploading a photo, or by inviting others. Altruicity incorporates Facebook, Twitter and Foursquare APIs to make it easy for users to let others know about the events they are attending. Volunteers can also use Facebook to register for altruiCity, as well as choose to provide personal information about their age, contact information, and where they are from (or what flags they identify with).

AltruiCity's goal is to help San Diegans meet like-minded people in their community while working to make it better.

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