Nextdoor Problem Statement—

_ Make a hack that brings people together and fosters connection within a community. _

We took a UX-driven approach to research, brand, and design a hack that can help people understand parking restrictions in different parts of a city.


According to a report by USA Today in 2017, Nearly 42% of the motorists said they missed an appointment 34% abandoned a trip because of parking issues 23% experienced road rage We conducted contextual inquiries during Technica 2018 to gather field data about issues faced by licensed car drivers in this audience.

What it does

Crowdsourced, Community-Driven Parking Solutions
Our Goals & Objectives

  1. Bring the neighborhood communities together
  2. Improve communication of parking restrictions to motorists
  3. Reduce the number of vehicles that get fined for bad parking

Alto is a community-driven, crowdsourced parking app that lets people know about parking restrictions in their city. It is powered by the people in a community to minimize parking issues in neighborhoods. When people find it easy to learn about parking restrictions in an area, they will feel motivated to contribute to their own locality.

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