We were inspired by the act of being forgetful and losing your memory.

What it does

We have two products. The first is a device that helps you remember the common things that you forget to take with you on a daily basis. If you leave your house without your keys, phone etc... it will notify you. You put tags on the items you need to remember and put the main device on something you never leave without, ex: shoes, jacket, wallet, or purs. The second is more geared towards people with 1st stage dementia. It is a watch that helps and pushes the wearer to remember to use it. By informing the wearer the simplicity of the buttons (yellow is used to know what time of the day it is, blue is to tell what time it is during night, red contacts the care taker immediately and the green sends the wearer's location). It is also interactive with their care taker. It keeps track of the amount of buttons they press, their location and time. This is to help the care taker understand their progression of their patients Alzheimer's, (if its progressing, where they are when it is better/or worse).

How I built it

coding, open source, glue, team work, caffeine, high fives, tutorials, tears.

Challenges I ran into

We had difficulties with the intel edison,and with the tiny circuits. The the open source for tiny circuits kept asking for a board with an SD which did not come in the kit and was not available. We had a hard time with the 3D printer because someone was using it the whole time, then we had to create a piece from the laser cutter which ended up not having the right look we wanted.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

I am proud that we got a working a product and even more proud that we finished!

What I learned

I learned how a little bit of tiny circuits, 3D printing

What's next for ALTIMER

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