Altimarket is a decentralized classified ads platform (similar to Gumtree, Craigslist, Junkmail, etc) with escrow service built on Ethereum.

Although there are many South Africans who are crypto hodlers/traders/enthusiasts, majority are still skeptical, uninformed or misinformed. There is also not much you can do with crypto in the real world.

Altimarket aims to address this by:

  • Providing a means for crypto hodlers to spend their crypto directly
  • Giving people an opportunity to practically learn about crypto in a less risky manner than spending their already-hard-earned fiat money
  • Allowing them to sell or rent unwanted goods or provide services directly for crypto instead of cash
  • Possibly contributing to reducing the poverty gap
  • Lowering the barrier of entry to crypto, blockchain and decentralized tech

Altimarket uses DAI stablecoin to prevent price fluctuations while the payment is locked in the escrow service and the Raiden Network for fast, cheap, off-chain transactions.

Technology stack

Altimarket is built using Truffle, React, Web3 and DAI.js

Altimarket is still in development and only functions as a proof of concept on the KOVAN TESTNET demonstrating:

  • Adding a listing
  • Viewing a listing
  • Chatting to the seller
  • Buy a listing (CDP gets opened for DAI and gets sent to seller)

The following is incomplete:

  • Raiden network integration
  • Escrow smart contract integration


  • Nurha Leite - Research, planning, testing
  • Taariq Isaacs - Development
  • Alex Marais - UI, UX and Graphics

Invision Prototype

Altimarket POC - You need Metamask connected to KOVAN for this ^_^

Built With

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