The real food cost is unknown. We need to raise awareness. At the same time, the irregular and inefficient consumption of food is affecting our planet. We tackle both challenges from Buhler, IBM and SwissRe by presenting a solution that will work to raise awareness, as well as provide better ways to consume food, which in turn reduces the amount of pollution caused.

What it does

We present AltFoo, which is a versatile a platform able to act as an intermediate point for our clients (food companies, supermarkets, governments, etc...). It mainly does the following tasks:

  1. Analyze the food intake and give back instant results of the consumption and carbon prints.

  2. Give predictions of different scenarios

  3. Offer instant discounted substitutes with better ecological values [raise awareness]

These points directly raise the awareness for individuals, manufacturers, and governments. At the same time, its prediction mechanism allows it mitigate future unreasonable consumption of food, which directly helps create more of a sustainable system.

How I built it

On a base of input data (MySQL) and provided data from Evocco (products energy costs) and open data from Lidl (product names, prices, actual discounts, store location etc), our backend in Go gives back info about cost of a product, suggestion of a alternative product with a smaller ecological cost and a actual discount plus nearest store location where you can buy this alternative. We used also IBM Cloud (Docker, Kubernetes for deployment), frontend in HTML&CSS Framework7 and javascript for a demo

Challenges I ran into

Understanding the problem was very difficult. It was not easy to build the whole eco-system across a multiple of challenges.

Technically, we had a shortage of a few skills that made it a bit challenging to finalize the MVP we created. Fixing bugs was also taking a lot of time.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

We were used Kubernetes to ensure scalability, alongside many other high-end technologies for the first time. We created a solution that is fully deployed in a cloud and is accessible for everyone. Our frontend stack can be easily adapted in future to be used both as a web app and with a help of Cordova as a mobile app. We are proud that we were able to accomplish the task at hand in the amount of time given despite the complexity.

What I learned

Each one of us learned something new in the process of finalizing the idea both from the technical and business aspects. We got experience in cooperation while connecting parts of a project in a single solution.

What's next for AltFoo

We are considering moving forward with the idea as we believe in its potential. We just need to verify it further with the help of the judges.

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