We saw the challenge and we were interested in competing and learning about data analysis

What it does

It solves a problem to find the attendance of a certain event

How I built it

I played around with the software framework learning how to manipulate strings and combine data fields or manipulate them. Most of this project included

Challenges I ran into

Learning how to use the new software, this includes adopting a new way of thinking for this software, which makes some problems hard and other problems easier. It is defined for use because there is a market for data manipulation and it can accomplish these.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

Learning how to move items from rows into different columns by separating them and then recombining them. The other hard part was recognizing the winter olympics on the map, as I have never payed attention to these events in the past.

What I learned

How to use a power data analysis software, and my first data analysis project, I learned a lot about working with numbers and manipulating to fit my needs, or playing with them until I find a result that fits.

We calculated that there are about 826,822 people attending this years Winter Olympics. This is including 2,922 athletes and 77% of the 102,000 stands being sold for the winter games as of Januardy 31st.

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