We looked at the challenges, and we were like lets do this one.

What it does

It figures out the binary given by Alteryx and translates it into different stages and then come to an end where the final result is...

How we built it

We decided to use python to decode all the data, which is our confort point, and helped ourselves with Alteryx when we were stuck, getting out of our confort zone. The ovarall scope is we took the binary and translated it to decimals (by 8 bits) which then we translated into ASCII Values. To our surprise that gave us a lot of links to JSONs, a value from them and an index, so we used Pandas, a plugin for python,to help us make a table organizing all the data. We then plugged in all the Json coordinates and their indexes, (skipping all out of bounds because of errors in the challenge itself) which gave us a big number of coordinates. We put them on a list in maps, that gave us all the previous winter olympics locations and 2022's.


We found out that the event in question was the 2022 Winter Olympics in Beijing, as for the attendance we predict that the attendance will be 1.1 Million. We came to this prediction by looking at the total attendance of the previous event and the similar conditions of Beijing, while taking into account China's investment in the event.

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