We have always tried to seek out sustainable, green alternatives, to a lot of the common products we use in our daily lives, but it has always been a very tedious and time consuming task. Our inspiration arose from the dire situation of the planet, and the immediate need to mend our ways for a stable future.

What it does

When the user visits any product listing, our extension will suggest an alternative, vegan brand to shop from.

How we built it

We build a chrome extension using Javascript, and built a backend API using node.js, and stored our products on a MongoDB database. Currently, our extension works only on Amazon listings, and our database currently contains a very limited number of products that we'd require for an initial prototype.

Challenges we ran into

We ran into issues integrating our extension with our backend API, and finally succeeded in the nick of time. Amazon listings are inconsistent, and dependent on sellers for transparency. In places where the sellers are not completely forthcoming, we were unable to suggest alternatives, or judge their products. Having a reliable database for green alternatives to products.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We were able to get our extension working within the constraints of our database, in under 30 hours.

What's next for AlterNation

Building a bigger and more diversified database and expanding to sites other than Amazon would be the immediate next step.

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