AlternaMeal is a tool designed to help you take small steps toward a healthy lifestyle and a healthy weight.

Let's face it, change is hard. Using AlternaMeal, you can get alternatives to fast food items so when you do end up at your favorite fast food restaurant, you can switch things up and opt for an item that is less unhealthy. It all starts with the small steps. Instead of a quarter pound burger, choose the hamburger. Instead of a large fries, choose a medium fries.

You can (and should) also use AlternaMeal to monitor your weight and progress. You can weigh-in and keep track of all your entries to see what changes your choices have on your weight.

WE'VE ALSO INTEGRATED WITH WALGREENS BALANCE REWARDS POINTS! For the first weigh-in of each day, you can earn 20 Balance Rewards points when you sign in to your account through the app and link it up.

So start making better fast food choices with AlternaMeal today! You'll be amazed how small steps can have big rewards!

The AlternaMeal Story

I was inspired earlier this year when I was trying to lose weight. The hardest part was cutting out fast food. Cutting it out altogether has never worked in the past, and from what others have said, it doesn't work for them either. So I started by ordering the smaller burger instead of the big one. Then a side salad with the burger. Then a bottled water instead of a soft drink. I felt pride in knowing that at least part of the meal was healthy. After about 2 months of implementing this gradual plan whenever I ate fast food (which was often), I started to realize that I had a lot more disposable income. It was a result of not eating as much and as costly of fast food items! Soon thereafter, logic kicked in and I thought: "Why am I paying for this at a fast food place? I can make it at home for a fraction of the cost." And that's what I did, saving even more money, and losing more weight. Almost overnight it seemed, my clothes were getting baggier and loose. I ended up losing 20 pounds in 4 months.

AlternaMeal aims to help people implement a plan like I did. They can view some alternatives to the really unhealthy fast food choices, view the average nutrition information they'll save, and then opt for that choice in the restaurant. Users can also weigh-in and keep a log of their weight so that they can view the progress they are making. These kind of visual incentives are a powerful motivator. And so are tangible incentives, which is why the Walgreens Balance Rewards integration is a key element of the app. Users can earn 20 Walgreens Balance Rewards points per day for weighing in with AlternaMeal. These points can be redeemed for cash rewards off future Walgreens purchases. Everyone loves a discount! Coupled with the money not spent on fast food, AlternaMeal will be saving users cash, as well as saving their health by promoting a healthy-eating lifestyle.

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