We entered this hackathon with a clear objective. To create fun, interactive and unique experiences for viewers while helping streamers create better content on Twitch. Our aim is to help the community feel closer, more engaged and connected with creators.

What did we do?

To achieve this mission we created Alter. It extends the viewer profile, connects streamers and viewers by providing live awards, achievements and recognition. Its currency provides real value for both parties, driving engagement, improving content, and delivering a richer experience for viewers and streamers. As a streamer, you can fine-tune Alter so that it fits your interests and community.


We want to collect feedback from the community, we deem that important. Our aim is to introduce community driven development so that we can shape Alter in the best possible way. We want to expand the viewer profile, by introducing daily quests and achievements. Make more ways for viewers to interact with each other through gamification. Also give more customization options and insights to content creators.

Development Stats

Lines of code: 3764 (excluding dependencies) Total Dev Time: 8-10 days (we lost exact count :D)

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