🎵 Altego's Story

The pandemic has been hard on everyone. Most notably, the lack of social interaction has put most, if not all of us, into a more isolated mood and has therefore also deteriorated our mental health. In short, Altego aims to resolve this worldwide issue through music.

🎼 What it does

Simply through a few clicks, Altego connects a user's Spotify account and instantly gives them stats about their most played artists and genres. Merely upon analyzing a user's stats, Altego also curates a personal list of "alter egos" (other users around the world who share similar tastes in music) and allows users to connect with their alter egos. Altego is the first web app that aims to connect people through music, rather than connecting people with music. Undoubtedly, this app will preserve and strengthen a sense of community especially in these tough times, thereby globally improving everyone's mental health.

🔍 How we built it

The frontend was built with React.js and was prototyped meticulously with Figma. The backend was built as a Node.js REST API, using Google Cloud SQL to store data, the Machine Learning Algorithm: K Nearest Neighbors to find matches, and the Spotify API to get user information, recently played songs, and authorization.

🎧 Challenges we ran into

As no one on our team had worked with React.js prior to this hackathon, it was a challenge to be able to implement React.js successfully at first. However, we quickly got used to it through intense, focused learning and were able to successfully deploy our web app.

🎹 Our Accomplishments

The design prototyping on Figma turned out to have a really good UI, which was something that definitely helped us build our final product. We are pleased to have built such an innovative and useful app in such a short amount of time and will no doubt expand this in the future.

♬ What we learned

Time management was a big issue for us since we had a relatively late start. Especially near the end of the hackathon, we started having to immensely speed up our process and focus on the big picture rather than just a few small details. In the future, we will be spending our time much more deliberately.

🎶 Altego's Next Steps

One of the many great things about Altego is that it has so much room to expand, and we are incredibly excited to be further working on this project in the future. Beyond Spotify and music tastes, we also hope to link users' other tastes such as TV shows and movies — in this case, Altego would apply the same concept to apps such as Netflix and Hulu.

Thank You for reading this, and we hope you enjoy using Altego!

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