Passwords are broken. For security, we need to have separate strong passwords for each app we use. But how to remember them? Password managers can help. But if we use multiple devices or devices we do not own, it becomes difficult. And what about new breed of smart devices without a GUI like smart speakers, cameras etc?

What it does

Alt-Auth provides alternate authentication mechanism for apps and websites. Alt-Auth uses biometrics like voice and facial features to verify user within a two factor authentication system.

A 2-Factor Authentication system needs at least 2 of the following:

  • What you know - PIN, password
  • What you have - Card, Device, Phone
  • Who you are - Biometric (finger-print, iris, voice, face)

Face/Voice can act as “who you are” factor in a 2FA system. This project shows how a user can signup with an application by enrolling his face or voice profile and then login just by using his face or voice. No need to remember passwords!

How I built it

*External APIs/services: *

*Tech Stack - Front-end: *

*Tech Stack - Back-end: *

  • nodejs runtime.
  • Express Web application framework
  • nodejs modules - body-parser, multer, request

What's next for Alt-Auth

  • Improved anti-spoofing measures like liveness detection
  • "Login with Alt-auth" available as widget - easily embeddable on any website or app

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