An all-in one app reminding muslims of the daily obligations, including prayer times reminders are lacking - as well as connecting all muslims spiritually to their faith.

Due to the fast-paced life we are currently in, this can be neglected unintentionally. As well as the **COVID-19** pandemic where gatherings, classes and mass prayers are limited. Another aspect covered is the **social good** this will bring about for all.....imagine having the beauty of Islam, it's teachings, the Holy Qur'an, salaah times, all the sunnah practices and so much more, all in the palm of your hand...

What it does

An app that the user sets to their personal preference at the first start-up. This includes prayer time, how often the user wants to receive updates, reminders & lectures in video or audio. The preference of each of the aforementioned can be selected - geo-location, etc, Also provides a forum with a Q & A for those seeking advice etc, All info provided will be provided by recognised leaders. We therefore need to encourage these users to download & install the app.

Full list of features :

  • daily prayer time - including reminders/notifications, changing regions to view other locations prayer time
  • daily sunnah practices, lessons, quotes and more.
  • daily hadith - short stories of the prophet MUHAMMAD SAW, his companions, and other Khalif - providing lessons.
  • duahs - various duahs available.
  • lessons - various lessons, in audio, video, text (all pre-recorded)
  • khutbah - live feed when available of different regions broadcasting Jumuah Prayer and more.
  • Chat/forum - connecting all users in order to share experiences, ask questions and discuss anything Islam
  • more......

** one App, all features required for well-rounded app having many resources available!!! **

How I built it

in "pre-development" mode"..... Idea stage for now

What's next for AlSunnah

Getting developers onboard & start the design phase.

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