Borges' Library of Babel

What it does

So, you found a museum object online, and now you want to take it with you. Not the actual object of course, but a portable reference to the museum's page for that object. You could store the object's URL somewhere or remember how you queried for it, but that feels like doing a machine's job and you have better things to do. AKA let's you create an memorable, language-friendly identifier you can remember and use to share a reference to your favourite object with anyone who has an internet connection!

Now all you have to do is remember a friendly combination of words like:

  • nettes-rundes-silber-ding
  • cooles-hartes-bronze-ding
  • billiges-herrliches-sandstein-ding

pass them to the AKA resolver like this:

and get directed to:

How we built it

In a weekend using Python, LOD and Glitch

Challenges we ran into

Accomplishments that we're proud of

What we learned

What's next for Also Known As

Built With

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