Prize4Life, Sage Bionetworks and DREAM are proud to announce the launch of The DREAM ALS Stratification Prize4Life Challenge. The prize, is a computational challenge inviting bioinformatics, statisticians, computation geeks and math geniuses to work on the PRO-ACT database and identify meaningful subgroups of ALS patients. The challenge offers a $28000 prize and journal partnership with Nature Biotechnology.

While most ALS patients die with 3-5 years, but some patients, like Stephen Hawking, survive much longer. What differentiates the Stephen Hawkings from the Lou Gehrigs? Is ALs one disease or several sub-disease? the challenge invite participants to devleop algorithms that can stratify the ALS patient population into meaningful subgroups with distinct features. You can read more about it here.

A previous Challenge, the ALS Prediction Prize which ran in 2012, using only a small subset of the full database, led to the creation of solutions that are able to reduce by 20% the number of patients needed for effective ALS clinical trials, a millions of dollars reduction in the costs of each future ALS clinical trials and are used by several drug companies. Furthermore, the Challenge’s winning algorithms identified novel features of ALS pathology that are predictive of disease progression. The Challenge summary was published in Nature biotechnology and were also covered by Science News, Science Translational Medicine and a News and views piece in Nature biotechnology.

The ALS Stratification Challenge aims to go beyond the prediction prize and bring us one step closer to personalized medicine- to accurately and effectively identify meaningful subgroups of diverse ALS patients and the predictive models and features specific to these subgroups. Winners will win $28000 and the winning submissions with be published with a journal partnership from Nature Biotechnology.

You can read more- and Join!- here!Synapse:syn2873386/wiki/233792

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