When home, it’s great to stream music over Wi-Fi, however, this either requires an expensive speaker system or clunky interfacing device (i.e., AirPort Express). The alternative is to connect directly to a Bluetooth enabled speaker (i.e., JamBox). These devices quickly loose their charge, have a significant price point and streaming to multiple Bluetooth devices is not possible. So what do you do if you want a great home speaker system in multiple rooms, don’t have a lot of cash or space, and want a device that is also mobile?

The ALPHI provides a new and innovative approach to streaming music. When at home, users can easily plug single or multiple ALPHI into any wall socket and connect to their Wi-Fi network to stream music. When on the go, the ALPHI power adapter can be removed and the ALPHI can be paired with your smartphone via Bluetooth to play music on the go, in the park, on the beach or just about anywhere. Its compact form factor with Li-Ion rechargeable batteries means it will last longer and will be ready to go when you are.

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