We saw that we were provided a free trial for Wolfram Alpha, and decided to do something related to it. Wolfram Alpha can solve and graph math equations, and has a large amount of data on chemistry, physics, biology, etc. We thought it was a good idea to make an app using the Wolfram Alpha API where you could take notes (in a text editor) and have Wolfram search up keywords or graph math equations because it is usually rather hard to type up math notes.

What it does

You can type things in the big text box and it takes info from the Wolfram API and shows it to the website, as a preview, onto the document.

How I built it

We used Angular 2 for most of the work with the Wolfram API, and used an HTML template to make a front end cover page.

Challenges I ran into

It was hard to work with the Wolfram API and figure out how to make requests. Also, our team did not have much experience with Angular (only one person really knew how to use it) so that part was also especially difficult. Another major challenge was the time limit, as we had only about 9 hours for the entire process, and we switched between Python, Node JS, and Angular for quite some time.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

We came up with an idea very quickly and made a relatively functional web app within a short time constraint; also, we made a good-looking logo using Adobe Illustrator.

What I learned

We learned more about the process of making a web app (HTML, CSS, Javascript) and how to use APIs, and became more familiar with the Wolfram language and its capabilities. Also, we gained more experience with working on a challenging task and prioritizing/allocating under very tight time constraints.

What's next for AlphaNote

We hope to improve the functionality and allow users to select which parts of the note they want to search with Wolfram Alpha, ex. search whatever text is highlighted. Also, we hope to make it a fully functional text editor (you can bold, italic, highlight, center text etc. ) or have the program identify what the "key" words are within a document using another API.

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