Passengers often have difficulty locating their suitcase after landing. They have no idea where their suitcases are going until finding them on the conveyor belt. Further, they could easily get distressed while waiting for a delayed flight, having no information about the airplane's actual location and state.

What it does

We aim to solve passengers' dilemma in two directions: providing more transparency on flight information, such as the aircraft's speed, altitude, and heading. Further, we aim to ease the luggage pick-up process by providing a joint search--tracking a luggage/suitcase by GPS/Bluetooth/camera.

How we built it

We decided to build the iOS version of the app first. The code could also be rewritten in SwiftUI, and given the similarity between SwiftUI and Flutter in terms of their declarative syntax, we believe this could be a cross-platform application. We also started designing individual views and controllers and weaved them later. Further, some of our teammates prefer to work on the backend which consists of majorly python scripts used to make remote API calls. While we have finished the first half, we had a pitch session with American Airline mentors, providing us valuable suggestions which kind of redirected the second half of our application.

Challenges we ran into

Coordination of different team players especially among differing time zones is a big challenge. Further, we encountered numerous bugs and errors while making the app. There are currently some disconnection issues for RabbitMQ Swift client to properly connect to my Azure cloud server, so I have to temporarily disable the publish-subscribe feature for information sharing.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We are able to implement most of the desired features at the end, given such as a short amount of time.

What we learned

We should consult the AA mentors at the first place, so we could better frame our ideas. Further, it is not possible to include every feature in the app especially some of them are experimental and some others are already included in AA's official mobile app.

What's next for AlphaFly

We decided to add more enriched feature to the AR flight path page, and providing users across different American Airliners a chance for social interaction by using our app (also encourages them to stay in the air longer).

Built With

  • aviation-edge
  • corebluetooth
  • google-cloud-vision
  • python
  • realitykit
  • swift
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